Levels + Other Designs

Powerpack (Team Fortress 2 Level Design)

Powerpack is a map made for the popular TF2. It uses the multi-stage payload model of gameplay, with the BLU team attacking RED’s power plant. It was designed, tested and art-passed by myself over a one month period.


Overhead view of the map. RED spawn is at the top-centre, BLU spawn is bottom-centre.

The first main combat area. BLU enters from the left after a 1 minute setup time, and RED holds the high ground on the right.

The first main battleground in the second stage. BLU enters from the bottom right, and RED holds from the left.

Entrance to the final point in the second stage. RED holds the top right, and BLU enters from the bottom left.

The final point in the last stage. RED’s base is under the laser, and BLU enters from behind the camera.

Hotpot Basin (FPS Level Design)

Designed to mimic the style of Borderlands, Hotpot Basin is a level for Unreal Tournament 3. The player undertakes a “mission” from a holed-up security guard to defeat the rioting prisoners and the rebellious guard that freed them. It uses the Kismet scripting system for a simple, one off quest.

Download for Unreal Tournament 3: link


Every time the player goes outside (and when they get out of the slum) the radar dish is visible.

This helps orientate the player to exactly where they are in the level.

The makeshift fort/slum in the middle of the prison yard. The rest of the level is indoors, and screenshots can’t show much of it.

Playthrough Video:

LOTAR (FPS Level Design)

The Land of Temples and Roads is an FPS level built in UDK. The player has to fight their way through enemies to make it to the portal which will allow them to escape.

Download for UDK: Link

(Please note there tends to be issues which occur with opening this level in later versions of UDK)


The closer structure is where the player has to go, and the structure in the background is where they start.

The player winds around the inside and outside of the tower before fighting the boss at the very top.

One of the rooms in the tower that the player starts in.


Playthrough Video:


Freya (Character Design)

Download: Link (PDF)
This document was designed to let create a character ready for implementation into a game. Freya is the player character in a 2.5D platform shooter.