To Survive a Madman

Design Document: Link (PDF)

Download: Link (.rar, 1.2 gb)
To Survive A Madman (TSAM) is a First Person Puzzle game where the player utilises magnetism to move blocks and gears around to escape the deadly grips of the two Whitaker brothers. Set in the Whitaker Manor, an enormous and mysterious factory with a high mortality rate, TSAM was inspired by the 3d Legend of Zelda games (for the block puzzles), Portal (for the lonely wandering around a death trap feel) and the steampunk genre as a whole.

TSAM was a game project that I designed and built (with the help of a team of 7!) for a university project spanning 24 weeks. I designed the core mechanics, storyline and script, and built 2 of the 3 levels: Boilers and Scrap Reclamation, the first and last levels of the game respectively. (The second level, Driveshaft, was designed and built by another member of the team.) Along with designing, I was also the Project Lead, which included such roles as managing the team, keeping the game close to its vision, planning major changes based on feedback from the ‘client’, and ensuring that each of the departments kept on track.

Despite being a 24 week project with only a team of 8 students, TSAM has an average playtime of 2 hours; the three levels have between 6 – 10 puzzles each, with a humorous script guiding the player through the world.


Because the magnetism worked in all 3 dimensions, it allowed me to work a lot with height.

As such, the levels have some pretty large height variations. This image is from the first part of the Boilers.

The puzzles involved anywhere from 2 to 10 blocks. They could get pretty complex.

There were quite a few large areas throughout TSAM, with appropriately places viewing platforms as well.

The smelting pits of Scrap Reclamation provided an interesting setting for the puzzles.

Not only were they more difficult, but one wrong move ended in death.

In each level there are unique assets which help build the world.

At this stage, the factory is in a state of disrepair, and things like this train burst through the wall help show it.

The very last room in the game. The molten slag poses a threat until the very end, where the player jumps in the tram (on the top left of the image.)

Unity Prototypes

ThinkWIZ! & Ghostface

These games were made by myself in 24 hours and 12 hours respectively, during a week long game making contest. I finished work with my team then decided to use the remaining time to make these games. With both of these game, I tried to make them as fun and intuitive as possible, as well as trying to invoke a sense of hectic fun.

In ThinkWIZ!, the player is a wizard’s familiar, and has to help him collect his thoughts. The player controls two paddles with the mouse and has to bounce balls into the same coloured cups. It can be played here: ThinkWIZ!*

Ghostface is a local two player game, where one player has to navigate the platformer level with W, A and Space, and the other has to try to hit them with crushers and bullets using the mouse. It can be played here: Ghostface*

*Please note that both games require the Unity web player plugin to be installed. The game page will link you to Unity’s website where you can download it if you haven’t already.